Meat and beer - and you like wings!

Meat and beer - and you like wings!

Про ресторан

YAK на крилах

Ukrainian meat restaurant

Why Ukrainian? – because we are sincerely in love with our homeland!
Its mountains, rivers, seas, forests and fields, and of course, its people! The people who carefully cultivating, working hard, creating inspirationally, having a rest with pleasure, and most importantly – they like to eat delicious meals! This is our true passion and source of inspiration!
Why wings? – because it is the fastest way to travel.
A voyage from Texas or Naples to Kyiv will last for only about 20 minutes, the exact time we need to prepare ribs, pasta or steaks, and to uncork Kherson wine.

Truly, really YAK on the wings!

What are we capable of?

Both on weekdays and on weekends, exactly at 7 AM, the restaurant awakens, as Sasha (our absolute beef expert) visits the kitchen to prepare the best for our dear guests – meat.
Rib eye, strip loin, rump, T-bone – these weird words with the care of skilful hands become the best delicacies – steaks of Ukrainian production and endurance.

Why to choose us?

If business partners are going to pay a visit, we can guarantee the organization of lunch or dinner on the highest level. Everything will be flawless, whether it’s the taste or service.
If you are hungry, but the lunch break ends in less than an hour – worry not! We’ve got your back and will serve a business lunch in just 30 minutes.
If you are sick and tired of routine – we will become your ticket for a two-hour vocation. Even on Monday!
If the calendar says it’s Friday already – we will not only serve you a delicious meal and pour something savory, but even sing for you!
If you have decided to spent Sunday with the family – grab your mother-in-law and nephews, because the food and entertainments will be enough for everyone.
And if it’s your husband’s birthday, granny’s anniversary or brother’s wedding – we will become your personal event-agency and concierge service.

With YAK you are like on wings!


YAK will organize for you a conference or business lunch of any complexity, a fun birthday party, or a merry holiday. You can have a wonderful banquet or a buffet in any of the 3 halls in our restaurant.

At your service there are 75 seats in the main hall (hall with bar, grill and a stage), VIP-hall for 12 persons and a separate conference or banquet hall (up to 80 persons).


Monday – Sunday
11:00 – 23:30

Сontact us

Kyiv, Dehtiarivska St, 53А
тел: 044 456 7817
тел: 067 356 7817
тел: 050 456 7817